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Arrange your floorplan, manage desk sharing and automatically assign seats in one easy to use interface.

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What is SeatMatch?

SeatMatch automatically assigns seats to agents, optimizes for space by utilizing hot seating / desk sharing, and minimizes the distance between agents and their team leader. Seating plans can be created with a few keystrokes, reducing what is usually a difficult and frustrating manual effort to a job of no more than a few minutes, all while producing superior results.

SeatMatch is a unique application that helps you make the most of your precious call center space. It can be used as a strategic planning tool to help you quantify expansion or consolidation requirements, as well as an aid to creating a daily seating plan for your call center staff, and anything in between.

SeatMatch is the perfect add-on to your workforce management system - it directly utilizes the schedule output from your WFM system to assign agents to seats.

SeatMatch generates efficiencies at a number of levels:

  • The automated seating assignment process can be completed in minutes, whereas manual effort can easily extend to days
  • Optimized desk sharing can improve agents / workstation ratios dramatically, significantly reducing costs associated with floor space, workstations, computers, telephony equipment and power consumption
  • More coherent team seating improves supervisory control and supports team spirit
  • Agents know where to sign in to work ahead of time, improving their productivity

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of operations should utilize SeatMatch?

SeatMatch has been designed for organizations that operate non-standard hours and shifts outside the conventional Monday to Friday, 8 to 5 scenario. Essentially for any operation that has to allocate space dynamically to its staff.

It does not take a lot of employees before manual seat allocation can become a complicated, time-consuming and inefficient process. SeatMatch can bring substantial efficiencies even with a relatively small number of employees.

What information does SeatMatch need to operate?

1. A floor plan customized with your agent and team leader seats

2. Agent schedules which can be updated as frequently as once per week

3. Supervisor schedules

With these elements input into SeatMatch a comprehensive, optimized seating plan taking advantage of desk sharing opportunities can be developed in just minutes.

What technical support is offered?

We offer online support during standard business days via a ticketing system. We aim to fully resolve issues within 24 hours during standard business days.

Is training required?

ShiftMatch provides extensive help files. Due to its intuitive design there is a very short learning curve, so no formal training is offered.

Are there any limits on number of agents, locations, etc?

Effectively there are no limits. In fact, the larger the number of agents utilizing ShiftMatch the more beneficial it becomes. You are not limited by number of locations or number of skill groups per location and you have complete control over how many employees can be accommodated within shiftbid.

Does SeatMatch integrate with my workforce management solution?

In principle, SeatMatch can import any file format. We have developed a standard .csv format as a default. Please contact us and we can let you know whether we currently accommodate your system; if not an interface will be developed at no extra cost.

What is needed to install SeatMatch?

SeatMatch is web-based and utilizes our server resources so there is no need for any installation effort on the part of your IT organization. SeatMatch supports all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

How is the pricing structured?

SeatMatch is licensed on a per agent basis with volume discounts available. There is a minimum of 100 agent licences with additional licenses to be added in increments of 100. Please contact us for additional information and further details on pricing.

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